Audi has introduced the electric car of the future AI: ME

It is equipped with a virtual reality system.
At CES in Las Vegas, Audi introduced the AI: Me electric drone, which should show how the company imagines the cars of the future. It is fully autonomous, and despite its compact size, it has a huge spacious interior.

Novelty called Audi AI: ME has a small size with a large enough cabin, which has nothing but seats and steering wheel, which folds out when needed. Thus, the company planned to give the passenger the opportunity to spend time comfortably with themselves without concentrating on the road.

One of the main features is the headlamp system, which the company has installed throughout the body of the electric car, through which the driver will be able to alert other road users, including pedestrians, about their movements. The novelty is also equipped with a VR Holoride virtual reality system, which is designed to entertain passengers on the go. The headset syncs with the car, implementing feedback in games.

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