A historic event for the energy and ecological future of Ukraine took place in Kyiv without a shaking-the proclamation of a joint initiative of all organizations that together form the basis of the renewable energy industry in Ukraine. reports. with reference to Ukrainian Truth. The purpose of the initiative is to create an innovation platform Global 100% RE UKRAINE. The initiators of the event were the profile associations of Ukraine, and the inspiration for the idea – the Renewable Energy Headquarters in the world – Ruslana. Co-organizer of the event was a group of companies “Metropolia” headed by the founder and general director V. Kurt’ev. Participants of the press conference were: Ruslana Lyzhychko (International Responsibility Authority), Victor Kurtov (General Director of Metropolia), Andriy Konechenkov (Chairman of the Board of the Ukrainian Wind Energy Association), Georgy Geletukha (Head of the Bioenergetic Association of Ukraine) , Yuriy Favorsky (President of the Association of Solar Energy of Ukraine), Alexander Repkin (President of the Energy Association “Ukrainian Hydrogen Council”), Oleksandr Dombrovsky (Acting Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Fuel and Energy, Nuclear Policy and Nuclear Safety), Oleksiy Orzhel (Chairman of the Ukrainian Association of Renewable Energy). The conference began with an online bridge with Global 100% RE Headquarters (Bonn). The Global 100% RE Platform Executive Committee and the Secretary General of the World Wind Energy Association, Stefan Gzagener, expressed their support for Ukraine and all the organizations that have joined the active transition to renewable energy sources. In the principles and directions of the Global 100% RE UKRAINE initiative, we will rely on the principles of the world’s largest Global 100% RE platform that brings together Renewable Energy profile associations around the world. The most famous of them are: EU Renewable Energy Association, Climate Action Network, Greenpeace, International Solar Energy Society, World Bioenergy Association and others. As Georgiy Geletukha (Chairman of the NGO “Bioenergy Association of Ukraine”) noticed, in 2018 Ukraine spent 12 billion dollars. for the purchase of gas, oil, coal. If we turn these cash flows into the country, we will spend on the renewable energy sources the same 12 billion, but we will create jobs, people will pay taxes and start working on the Ukrainian economy. This will be not only an ecological turn, but also a huge economic in the right direction. “The scientific and technological progress is not to be stopped, because the future always triumphs with the past. There are a number of tasks that must be solved not only at the legislative level, but also at the state level, for which we are united.

A literally new ecosystem is created! And the ecosystem begins with the consumer And we are talking now about the construction of a new energy from the beginning to the end, which will give a new future to our country, “- Victor Kurtov (General Director of the Metropolia Corporation). “As the International Renewable Energy Ambassador, pursuing the interests of multilateral cooperation, without which the successful development and implementation of renewable energy in Ukraine and the integration of Ukraine into the global process of transforming the world into 100% renewable energy sources are not possible, I initiate this multilateral dialogue and call for the integration into a joint initiative of Global 100% RE UKRAINE. Such an association is not just a matter of time but a prerequisite for the common goal of Ukraine’s transition to 100% renewable energy, “commented the event. u Ruslana VIDEO report from the conference Andriy Konechenkov (Chairman of the Board of the Ukrainian Ukrainian Wind Energy Association) shared that in the past year Ukraine has increased the amount of investments in renewable sources by 15 times. of energy, although the figure is only 2.1 billion dollars. Ukraine is on the same level as Morocco, Vietnam, which are just starting to produce electricity and heat, using renewable energy sources. But the main thing – renewable energy should not fight among themselves. Together, on the same platform Global 100% RE UKRAINE, green energy can replace modern, traditional energy sources that are now powerful in global warming. In 2018, all temperature records were beaten up in Ukraine. There is a serious environmental imbalance that needs to be addressed in order to eliminate it. “60% of the problems associated with global emissions are energy problems, which are the problems of dirty energy, and it’s not a waste of energy that we want our energy to be clean. If we do not have clean energy, we will not have a clean The creation of the Global 100% RE UKRAINE platform is essential for Ukraine’s transition to 100% renewable energy and for the preservation of a planet suitable for the lives of the descendants, “said Oleksandr Dombrovsky in his speech. As noted by Alexander Repkin (President of the Energy Association “Ukrainian Hydrogen Council”), Ukraine will become

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