General of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation was killed on Donbass

“Information Resistance” stated that only confirmed fatal terrorist losses in the Donbas for the period from February 5 to February 11 are estimated to be a dozen militants.

Including the four militants lost the 9th regiment of the DPR, three of them – the 4th brigade of the LNR, two of them – the 6th regiment of the LNR, one of the 11th regiment of the DPR.

However, most likely, these losses were more. So, the leaders of the terrorist DPR recognized two more dead already today. And a certain supporter of the “Russian world” Alexander Evgenievich writes:

“We already have 10” 200-th “… Ukrainians open the dugouts, like cans, and die guys.”

Meanwhile, in the plot of “Channel 5”, a fighter of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Maxim said that the Russian general was killed in the Bakhmutsky area, and he killed his own:

“Separatists had conflicts with each other and, thus, the Russian general was killed. They will not recognize this and want to blame the blame on the Ukrainian side for all the blame. ”

Let’s remind, on February, 2th the message rumbled about that under Gorlovka seriously wounded the general of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation – ostensibly in its car got the ATV. He was taken to the city hospital №2 and are going to deliver to Russia by helicopter. Most likely, it’s about one and the same general.

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