Hundreds of students took to the rally in Tehran and Isfahan.

In Iran, on Sunday, January 12, protests resumed due to the downing of a passenger plane of International Ukrainian Airlines, AP reported.

After Tehran admitted that it was the Iranian military who accidentally shot down a Boeing flying to Kiev, thousands of protesters took to the streets of Iranian and European capitals.

They insist that apologies alone are not enough, and demand that the government resign. They also call for a fair judicial investigation of the crash and punishment of those responsible.

“Iran’s security forces are serving in large numbers throughout the country’s capital on Sunday, awaiting new protests after the Iranian Revolutionary Guards acknowledged an accidental rocket strike on a passenger plane,” Ukrinform quoted the report as saying.

Iranians are outraged that in the early days of the tragedy, which killed 176 people, the country’s authorities lobbied for the false version that the plane crashed due to engine problems. They mourn the dead, among whom were several dozen young compatriots returning to study in Canada.

On Sunday, hundreds of students gathered at Tehran University Shahid Beheshti. Protests are also taking place in the third largest city of Iran – Isfahan, reports Reuters.

People chant: “Our television is a shame,” the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps is responsible for the killings, “” Our enemy is not the United States, our enemy is the Islamic Republic. This is the real voice of the Iranian people. ” Stock Video

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