In the US, over 1,000 flights have been canceled or delayed due to heavy snowfall

The difficult weather conditions have caused the cancellation and delay of over 1,000 flights in the Midwest, the South and East Coast of the United States.
Because of the heavy snowfall and the bloated wind on Tuesday, 977 flights were canceled and 143 flights were delayed.


At Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, canceled about 300 flights. On Sunday, the final match will be the champion of the National Football League of the United States, so bad weather can make corrections to the fans’ plans.

Delta Air Lines has warned of changes to the schedules of 26 airports throughout the country’s north-east, so that travelers can carry their flight the next day.

A similar situation in Chicago: over 1000 flights were canceled there. According to forecasts of weather forecasters, the difficult weather conditions will continue until February 1, therefore passengers are asked to refrain from a trip to the City of winds in the next few days.

Denver International Airport arrested and canceled 96 flights – Colorado also covered heavy snowfalls

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