Teams have just played a match of the championship, and then came the cup match. A completely different story that has nothing to do with the previous one.

Milan vs Inter Milan live

Parma vs Juventus in diretta

“Milan”: Donnarumma, Abate, Musacchio, Romagnoli, Bakayoko, Castillejo, Kessie, Laxalt, Lucas (Rodriguez, 85), Borini (60th Chalkhanoglu), Pentek (78th Quantum).

Napoli: Meret, Gulam, Kulibali, Maksimovich, Allan (Unas, 46), Diavara (Mertens, 58), Zelinski, Malkui (Kallejon, 86), Fabian, Insignie, Milik.

Arbitrator: Piero Giacomelli


The fact that this is a completely different story, from the first seconds proved “Milan”. Team Gennaro Gattuso began the match aggressively, quickly, purposefully and even drove Napoli on his half. Neapolitans were a little like themselves, for the most part they were defeated, but about the fact that at least somehow establish control over the game and did not think. At Milan, everything turned out. Owners at the speed literally tore the center of the field, run to the penalty and tried to break into the shock position. At the last turn of the Napoli, it was possible to hold back this pressure, but at the very first moments it was clear that it was all up to the moment – Milan was too upset. At the seventh minute, Pentec dropped a good moment (he ran from the first seconds, as if filmed in a commerciale of a famous battery manufacturer), knocking out the center of the penalty. The forward did not have time to be upset, as the Milaners had carried out such an exemplary attack, that it would be shameful not to complete it. Laxalted scored an ideal long transmission, and Penteku did not have anything left to beat the left corner of the penalty shoot-off Mereta.

The fact that “Milan” led the score so quickly was quite logical, as it is logical and that after the missed goal “Napoli” was encouraged. Twice Insignie punched from good positions, and twice blocked his strikes. For the sake of justice, it’s worth saying that Napoli was really dangerous.


This will not be said about “Milan”, and in general in terms of creating the dangerous moments of the team did not succeed. But if for Napoli it meant no goals, then for “Milan” – goals from nothing. Hattuzo’s wards slightly leveled the game, but also did not achieve any particular advantage. Nevertheless, on the 27th minute, the hosts were in the lead with a difference in two goals. And again, the lead role played Pentek, who, after the transfer of Lucas, broke from the left edge of the free-kick to the lower right corner.


That’s how “Milan” has achieved more than a comfortable advantage in the account thanks to almost 100% realization. Napoli managed to make the game only by the end of the season, when the team began to play drawings and combinations, positional attacks, when they joined the game Zelinsky and Insignia. This, of course, was not enough to break the match, and the most notable player in the team of Carlo Ancelotti was still Coulibaly, who, correcting their mistakes in the scoring moments, perfectly acted on rebounds and withdrawals.


In the second half, “Napoli” played more powerful and in the second half managed to create in the penalty masters a bunch of small, when the ball was rushing through the penalty, but eventually ended with all the inaccurate strike Insinje. True, this was the only really dangerous moment in the Neapolitan, and everything else – nothing. And although the guests began to better control the ball and spend more time on someone else’s half of the field, it did not bring them the desired result. From time to time, “Milan” managed to counterattacks with the instant passage of the center of the field, which kept up a lot more danger than the drawings of the team Ancelotti.


With the advent of Mertens on Naples, a completely different story began. And it’s Drys owns the first real moment of the Naples, when Donnarumma not easily beat off the strike striker. But this acuity was not enough, but more than “Napoli” could not offer anything. The time went by, and nothing but trampling at the gate of Donnarumma, the team did not show. As in the championship match, guests lacked speed, which could allow the owners to defeat their defenses. And the control over the ball and a fairly accurate game of pass are all fine, but not when you lose in two balls. And in the end of the match, “Milan” had much more potential to score the third ball than Napoli to win at least one. Juventus in diretta all matches . And as a symbol of the attacking insolvency of the guests – an inaccurate hit Zelinsky at the last minute.


The match left a double impression.  Juventus live streaming  on goaltime ! Watch Juventus online stream! On the one hand, “Milan” did not show something overwhelming. On the other hand – the team game was set up perfectly. Good communication between the lines, reliable and tight protection, mobile center and precise attack. Maybe Milan is not strong enough to beat Napoli in the championship, but he’s strong enough to win cup matches. The undisputed hero of this duel was the author of two goals and a participant in many attacks Pentek, but also would like to note both Lascalt and Bakajoko.