More than a million people plan to participate in the assault on “Zone 51” in the US

The US Air Force is in a panic: millions of Americans are going to storm the secret base “Area 51”. Looking for aliens
The military will have to hide aliens in another place
On the Internet, the theme of Zone 51 is gaining popularity at a frantic pace. The network has already organized a storming of the bombarded US Air Force object in order to find out what the scientists are actually doing there.

It is reported by the information portal Apostrophe.

A call appeared on the Internet to “storm Zone 51, they cannot stop all of us”.

HYIP around the classified US Air Force base appeared in late June. To date, more than 1.8 million people have gathered to “storm” Zone 51, and about 1.3 million people are actively interested in this topic.

“We meet at the tourist center Zone 51 and coordinate a breakthrough. If we run in the style of Naruto, we will overtake their bullets. Let’s look at the newcomers,” wrote the activists who organized this movement.

The theme of “Zone 51” has long been popular with the masses and is a success. Why are only a number of films about her. In particular, the cult TV series “The X-Files” popularized this idea back in the 90s of the last century.

And on the official website they are already selling merchandise with an alien theme, for example, T-shirts with inscriptions “I like tin adore aliens” or “I survived in Zone 51”, or even “I was born on the wrong planet.”

Note that all this is just a joke. This, just in case, hurried to declare to the authorities the moderator of the “Zone 51” group, adding that he does not intend to bear responsibility if anyone really comes up with the idea of ​​storming the classified US Air Force base.

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