National Bank allowed to buy currency at the expense of credit funds

The National Bank of Ukraine introduced amendments to the Regulation on measures of protection and determination of the procedure for the execution of certain transactions in foreign currency.
This follows from the NBU resolution No. 35 of February 6, 2019, the NBU press office reports.

“In section IV: in paragraph 38: the first paragraph after the words” on an order “should be supplemented with the word” / statement “; add the paragraph with two new subparagraphs of the following content:” 3) customers at the expense of credit funds for the purpose of purchasing foreign currency in insignificant amounts “; – says the document.

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As reported by Ukrinform, on June 21, 2018, the Verkhovna Rada passed the Law of Ukraine “On Currency and Currency Transactions”. The law came into force on July 7, 2018 and is put into effect seven months after the transitional period from the day of its entry into force. The National Bank has expanded the list of currency relaxations for businesses, which will be put into effect on February 7, along with the Law of Ukraine “On Currency and Currency Transactions”. According to him, the regulator also provided an opportunity for the population to conduct operations on the online purchase of foreign currency and bank metals in the amount of up to UAH 150 thousand not in operating, but on a calendar day. This means that online purchases of currency through online banking and mobile applications are available to citizens in the 24/7 mode. In addition, the National Bank specified that the transfer of foreign currency by legal entities for placement on deposit accounts (within the limit of 2 million euros per year) is possible only at the expense of its own, and not the purchased foreign currency.

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