On the Donbass after the contusion disappeared a fighter of the armed forces of ukraine

The AFS soldier disappeared in the zone of fighting after the contusion. This was reported in the press service of the 128th separate mining and assault brigade Zakarpattya Legion, which is part of the operational command “West”.

As it is noted, on February 9, one Ukrainian serviceman probably lost his orientation on the ground due to the resulting contusion and left the observation post in the direction of hostile positions. According to preliminary information, a man could be captured by militants. The name of the missing fighter is not disclosed; his searches are ongoing.

It is reported that another soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, during the shelling of mercenaries at the base, was injured and was evacuated for medical assistance.

Recall that the nephew of the famous Russian propagandist Dmitry Kiselyov is in jail for participating in hostilities in the “DPR”.

Previously, it was reported that Donbass was recognized as the most dangerous region in the world due to the high pollution of mines and a significant number of blasting of people on munitions.

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