The Australian was the first to win the home tournament of the Great Sholoma

Barty – about winning at the Australian Open: We still don’t know what happened – Australian Open 2019

If Barty became the winner of the Australian Open-2022, she shared her emotions after the historic success.

In the final match, the Australian tennis player defeated Daniel Collins (2:0).

“We still don’t understand what happened. I’m more than happy that today there are people here who love me and encourage me. Especially – my mother, tato and sisters. It’s great that the stench came here. Namely, it was spared to take away the styles of kohanny, ”Barty said.

“Look, you are nameless! You gave me style of joy, helped me to play in the best tennis, in which I am small against such a champion, like Daniel. My mind was shattered. I am writing that I am Australian. Dakuyu all and to zustrichi through the river!”.

Barty won the Australian Open ahead of Kar’eri. If she became the first Australian tennis player in 1978, she won the home major.

The title at Melbourne became the 15th single trophy for car’er Barty

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