Rafael Nadal rewriting history. Winning in the finals of the Australian Open Spanish in the 21st title of the Great Sholomu and becoming the absolute leader for these achievements.

Tim is the most important success, which could easily go wrong. A lot of frontal surroundings met against Nadal. With a zagalom, they checked the exit to the quarter-final-pivfinal, where the superman was already lying farther away.

Nadal having spent his first tournament after a tribal pause. The Spaniard was reminded of the chergovy injury, which he had in the future of all his careers. A month before the tournament of wins over illnesses for coronavirus. In a mild form, but the skin is similar to the river, it is essential for the preparation of an athlete. The sixth number of posting, which obіtsyav fold the grid. At the tournament itself, problems arose with etching, the duel against Denis Shapovalov won’t finish in a moment. Raphael himself voiced the most heady streak after one of the matches – it’s not 21 anymore, and more and more superniks are physically overwhelmed.

In the finals, the Spaniard was not the favorite, and from the first ones, the hvilin was chosen. Physically, Medvedev overcame yoga, reaching a skin blow, grasping the initiative and dictating a flurry of voices on other people’s serves. Nadal himself periodically carried out brilliant combinations, robbed his firm shalen strokes and showed his fantastic technical arsenal. All for the sake of winning points, just like a superman taking his own is completely easy.

It became obvious that Medvedev could reach everywhere. On the basis of a technical guess in the new one, the exact blow is in the air. And if the duel drags on, the Spaniard is allowed to get tired and spoil the rest of the chances. Nadal musiv program that final. Having seen wine, she accepted her defeat. Ale didn’t give up and winked.

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