The economist has told how the external debt can affect the hryvnia

Ukraine’s payments on external debt in the coming months may result in a tangible decline in the hryvnia exchange rate.

About this “Apostrophe. Economics “said senior analyst of the group of companies Forex Club Andrei Shevchishin.

According to the expert, if the market enters a large amount of liquidity, “non-residents or other market participants can deploy positions and start buying dollars.”

Accordingly, the expert added, if this happens already in February, then the hryvnia exchange rate will somewhat decrease. “But if the Ministry of Finance and the NBU are able to keep their position in the current situation and to feed before the end of February – the beginning of March, there is a chance to get into the beginning of the seasonal strengthening of the hryvnia, and the negative factors will be offset by positive ones,” he said.

One more factor in favor of weakening the hryvnia rate may be the liberalization of the currency market on February 7.

According to Shevchishin, if on February to forecast a rate of 27.5-28.5 hryvnia / dollar, then taking into account the risks, it will probably “move to the top.”

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