The first racket of Ukraine failed to break into the main grid of the ATP-250 tournament in the capital of Bulgaria.

A pass to the main grid Stakhovsky contested in a match with the 180th racquet of the world Daniel Brandes. On personal meetings, the Ukrainian led 2: 0 and was considered the favorite of the match.

At the start of the match, Stakhovsky twice gave the game at his own pitch. With a score of 0: 3 Sergei made one return break, but to develop local success Brands Ukrainians did not allow.

The second set of tennis players began with the exchange of breaks. In the sixth game, Stakhovsky once again took the German serve, but with a score of 5: 3 did not file on the set. Sergei did not sell two set-bands on a tiebreaker, then in the 20th draw he missed a candle and could not return the ball to half Brandes.

The performance in Sofia brought Sergey Stakhovsky 6 points in the rating of the APR and 2555 euros in prize money.

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