The United States accuses Chinese citizens of breaking into American companies

Washington has indicted five members of a Chinese hacker group for their role in cyberattacks on more than 100 US companies, NBC News reported on Wednesday, citing the US Department of Justice.

According to the indictment, five Chinese nationals – Zhang Haozhan, Tan Dailin, Qian Chuan, Fu Qiang and Jiang Lizhi – carried out attacks to gain access to systems around the world, including extortion attacks.

These hackers, according to the FBI, belong to the group “APT41” and have ties to the Chinese authorities. According to Washington, Beijing has done nothing to deter these cyberattacks.

According to the US Federal Prosecutor’s Office, they cyberattacked telecommunications companies, government agencies, military-industrial companies, as well as the scientific and industrial industry in the United States, Australia, Brazil, Germany, India, Japan and Sweden.

It is noted that the suspects also attacked “telecommunications providers in the United States, Australia, Tibet, Chile, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand.”

Two hackers, Zhang Haozhan and Tan Dailin, have also been charged with activities against video game companies.

According to the US Department of Justice, two Malaysian businessmen have been detained on separate charges. They are accused of helping those hackers who benefited from the invasion of the video game industry.

According to NBC News, the group “APT41” has ties to Chinese intelligence.

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