The US authorities are trying to avoid shadowhouse

Vlada United States to robotize active problems with virisha fіnansov nutrition in the future. It will be in a tsyomu rotsi without a shatdaun, to ask for food “News. Economy.”

The United Kingdom and the United States Congress are close to the local authorities, they are entrusted to the authorities, to the European Union State Steven Mnuchin, who wants to feed the journal.

By asking the lawmakers to pledge the stronghold of the state borg before the cob of the lithic cannons, you can fill up the federal order in the United States without a pittance, and in the United States you will become so shitdowned. The US House of Representatives to the United States Congress is on political terms in the government, and the Senate on the cob of serpnia, and offended by the others, is better than another person.

Previously passed by the Center for two-party policies published by analyst dopovіd, in yakіy say, the United States to ztknatsya default vzhe haven’t, it’s supposedly not stee borgu. The main reason for the failure is to reduce the amount of taxes on the budget.

Dodam, Borg of the United States to be close to $ 22.5 trillion, with an hour trump’s president’s presidency for the last year to $ 2 trillion. The Conservatory in the Congress of the Assembly, just because the budget is full of budget without control, can be given more easily to the budget.

Significantly, with IMF forecasts, US state bureaucracy has increased to 117% of GDP in 2023 p.

In 2018, the financial holding of state-owned holdings is worth more than six months, you should pay $ 20 trillion to $ 21 trillion. The conservatories in the congress at this point declare that, in order to continue to fill themselves up without control, you can bring your future defenders to the next steps.

Welcome to the IIF Global Debt Monitor, in the first quarter of 2019 p. made $ 246 trillion, worth $ 3 trillion for the quarter, and ahead of time from the global economy. The main indicator of Borg / GDP is up to 320%.

I want a display of borg / gdp GDP in 2016 and 2017 rokas, a clean borg in a dolar turn is weighted only once – in 2018 p. In this case, the foreign trade in such a way: household gifts: 60% of GDP, non-corporations: 91% of GDP, order: 87% of GDP, financial corporations: 81% of GDP.

Zagalniy Borg on the market, there are dosyag new record-breaking high-rises, yaky buv bagato in this school of China.

For Dani Fundamental Intelligence, a consulting company in the regional market, 42% of all corporate regions falling into emergent markets fell in the Chinese industry in emerging markets.

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