The US intelligence has declared a possible attack by Russia on the States and their allies

In the United States, there appears to be a threat of Russia’s attack with cyber-espionage. In Moscow, according to intelligence director Daniel Coutes, Moscow will continue to use its capabilities to destabilize the situation.


Head of National Intelligence of the United States Daniel Coates spoke about Russia’s threats in an introductory speech to the Senate Congressional Committee. “For the United States and its allies, there was a real threat of an attack on the part of Moscow.
Russia has an influence on countries to achieve political and military goals
Russia will be an effective opponent with a large arsenal of opportunities that will resort to cyber-espionage, cyber attacks and special operations to achieve its goals. The RF intelligence and its security services will continue to choose as their target the United States and computer networks of our NATO partners and the Five-Eye Alliance to receive technical information, military plans and important information on government policy, “said Coates at the Senate Committee on Reconnaissance. United States

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