Trump urged US citizens to refrain from traveling to Venezuela

US President Donald Trump urged Americans to refrain from traveling to Venezuela in the wake of mass protests in the country. He wrote about this in his Twitter. In Venezuela, since January 23, demonstrations have erupted with new force, during which more than 40 people died, more than 850 were arrested.

“Maduro is ready to negotiate with the Venezuelan opposition after imposing US sanctions and the lack of oil revenues.” The Supreme Court of Venezuela is pursuing Guadido, a mass protest is expected today, Americans should not go to Venezuela until further notice, “the statement said.
The political situation in Venezuela began to worsen in 2018. On May 20, presidential elections were held in Venezuela. The elections were preceded by mass protests, whose members accused Nikolay Maduro of dictator ignoring the laws, detention of political opponents and the economic problems of a country where the level of inflation reached record levels. The CEC has announced the successful victory of the incumbent president, Maduro, who managed to gain 68% of the vote against a very low turnout. The opposition boycotted the election and did not recognize the results.

On January 11, 2019, the speaker of the local parliament, Huang Guaido, declared himself the interim president of the country. After this, protest actions against Maduro became more active throughout the country.

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