Ukraine has actually completed its withdrawal from the CIS

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine verifies 236 agreements to which Ukraine joined during the period of its participation in the Commonwealth of Independent States in order to denounce them. As the correspondent of UNIAN reports, the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Kateryna Zelenko said at a press conference. Read also “Not under Putin”: Russian political scientist predicted when Ukraine and the Russian Federation will marry “As for the withdrawal from the CIS, we have actually completed the withdrawal from the Commonwealth of Independent States. From the beginning of the aggression, we can say that Ukraine actually minimized its participation to the critical minimum in the work of the Commonwealth, “- said Zelenko. “The Russian side is aware that Ukraine has stopped participating in all the coordination bodies of the Commonwealth of Independent States. As you know, in August 2018, Ukraine’s permanent representation of the Coordinating Institutes of the Commonwealth in Minsk was closed,” she said. At present, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine initiates an inventory of agreements signed by Ukraine during their participation in the CIS. “This is a huge number of documents, only 236 contracts that require proper verification and inventory in order to be denounced,” Zelenko said. Also, she said, the work on reviewing agreements of an economic nature will be coordinated by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, and all other agreements – the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. She reminded that the process of denunciation of treaties is a very long process, which requires not only interagency agreement, but also the assessment and analysis of economic, legal and humanitarian consequences resulting from the withdrawal of agreements. “As of now, we can say that we will be taking a decision to terminate those agreements that in no way interfere with the national interests of Ukraine, first of all, the interests of Ukrainian citizens and Ukrainian business,” Zelenko said. Also, she said, in late 2018-early 2019, the government adopted a series of decisions to suspend six treaties for Ukraine. The relevant work continues.

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