Ukrainian athlete Christina Stoy has won “gold” at competitions in France

Ukrainian athlete Christina Stoy has won “Gold” at International Meetings Elite en salle de Mondeville, which was held last weekend in Mondwill (France).
Christina Stoy won the finals with 60m running at France’s Congratulations Elite en salle de Mondeville in France, according to the press service of FLAV.

The Ukrainian athlete was the first at a distance of 60 m with a result of 7.32 seconds.

From the 400m race there were three finals. The best time in the final 2 was shown by Ukrainian Tetiana Melnik – 52.99 p. Anna Ryzhikova finished second in the finals 1 – 54.16 s, and Anastasia Brizgin (54.70 sts) and Katerina Klymyk (54.98 sts) took respectively second and third place in the final 3.

Orisya Demyanyuk became the second one in the run of 1500 m, its result is 4.18.41 min. Anna Chubkovtsova finished third with a run of 60 m with barriers – 8.17 seconds.

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