Ukrainka Beh has issued a golden double at the Junior World Biathlon Championship

Katerina Bech is a two-time world champion among juniors. For the first time, a newly formed Ukrainian woman was born in a sprint race, and in persecution she confirmed her reputation by having a fairly balanced and competent race.

The main rival of Catherine, the silver sprinter of the sprint, Polka Camila Zhuk, has not come to the start. The advantage over the nearest competitor was 13 seconds at the start. In the first circle Bech lost all advantage: she only won 3 seconds in the nearest pursuers. In addition, one mistake – Katerina fell to the 5th place.

After the second shooting, everything changed – Bech closed all the targets, and from now on she returned to the first place. However, Elvira Eberg (Sweden) and Anna Krivonos, a Ukrainian woman, traveled with her in one second. Before the third firing, Bech did not force the events, sat behind his rivals. This helped her only partially: Krivonos has two misses, and in Eberg and Bech – one by one. Katerina came out fifth again.

For the fourth shooting Ukrainian arrived third, though, along with two other biathletes. The leader of the race, Sophie Chavey, snatched twice, revealing a path to gold for competitors.

Bech on the last rack closed all the targets, like the German Anna Kebinger. They came together at the decisive circle, and then Katerina included the maximum speed and easily escaped from Kebinger. Katherine Beech is a world champion, Kebinger is satisfied with silver, and Shawuyu (the leader) became bronze.

Anna Krivonos, who finished the first half of the race with a leader, missed the four races four times and finished the 17th. Valery Dmitrenko – 29th, and Anna Kovalenko – 35th.

Katerina Bech is the first two-time world champion in junior history in Ukraine.

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