US aviation authorities banned lithium batteries on airplanes

From February 27, each passenger carrying lithium-ion batteries will have to take them with him to the salon. Making such batteries as cargo will be strictly forbidden: if it suddenly lights up, it will be much easier to extinguish it in the cabin than in a closed cargo compartment, where it is quite difficult to get to. This decision was jointly adopted by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the US Department of Transportation. But while such measures, as they say in the departments, are temporary.
The problem is that lithium-ion batteries tend to spontaneously ignite, which naturally alarming aviators. Moreover, they are the most popular among users of home appliances. But since the ban concerns cargo flights and traffic in the passenger compartment of passenger aircraft, the FAA is fully prepared for the fact that the batteries will be transported directly in the cabins.

Aviation officials are ready to make an exception only for those manufacturers of equipment who will transport it with batteries discharged to 30% and below. Theoretically, companies could review their policies and charge batteries at the factory without exceeding the limit. However, lithium-ion batteries best retain their capacity without use, being about half charged.
In addition, the ban will hurt startups, which are now actively promoting self-propelled suitcases and suitcases with built-in power bank. Yes, and passengers add this hop. After all, more and more small household appliances (razors, toothbrushes, etc.) are equipped with batteries. Whereas people are used to putting them in luggage.

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