Work on the decoding of flight recorders will be carried out in Ukraine.

The work on decoding the flight recorders of the UIA airliner shot down in Iran will be carried out in Ukraine. This is evidenced by a message on Twitter by the French Bureau for the Investigation and Analysis of the Safety of Civil Aviation.

The bureau confirmed its participation in the decoding of black boxes.

“Our bureau confirms participation in the technical work on decoding black boxes … This work will be done in Ukraine,” the message said.

President Zelensky, in turn, promised to return the bodies of Ukrainians until January 19, in order to adequately honor their memory. According to him, the Office of the Prosecutor General opened a case on the fact of the murder of citizens of Ukraine.

On Saturday, January 11, the commander of the aerospace forces of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Amir Ali Hajizade took full responsibility for the crash of the Ukrainian plane near Tehran. Iran stated that it erroneously shot down a Ukrainian airliner, calling the incident “a human error.” As early as Friday, Iran denied having fired a rocket by plane, and blamed Western governments for a “psychological warfare”. President Hassan Rouhani regretted the tragedy.

On the morning of January 8, an International Ukraine Airlines plane crashed in Iran, flying from Tehran to Kiev. In a plane crash killed 11 citizens of Ukraine – two passengers and nine crew members. In addition to Ukrainians, there were also citizens of Iran, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Sweden and Afghanistan on board the aircraft: a total of 176 people.

UIA reported that the Boeing 737-800 NG, which crashed in Tehran, underwent the last scheduled maintenance on January 6, 2020.

Ukraine sent a team of 45 experts to Tehran to participate in the investigation together with the Iranian side.

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