CNN Breaking News

CNN Cable News Network was founded by Ted Turner in the 1980s, or rather June 1, 1980. CNN is a subsidiary of Turner Broadcasting System which is owned by Warner Media.CNN is the first in the world to broadcast news 24 hours a day. In 2005, CNN had about fourteen cable and satellite news channels. CNN also had two radio stations, six Internet portals and 37 offices worldwide. CNN is broadcast using 38 space satellites. CNN can be watched by more than 200 million users in more than 212 countries. Cable News Network began its development with coverage of the 1991 Gulf War. Then CNN for the first time launched a live broadcast from the scene. This live broadcast cemented CNN’s prestige as a 24-hour international news source.

CNN Live Streaming Online leads the number of users in the Us. But in the world ranking of international news channels CNN is in second place. CNN is second only to BBC audiences by almost one and a half times BBC World News – 277.6 million. Perhaps this is due to the fact that CNN is a relatively young company compared to one of the giants of world news BBC World which is available from many satellites, while CNN broadcasting is mostly coded.