A fighter jet crashed in the USA during an air show

A Soviet MiG-23 fighter jet crashed in the USA during an air show. The plane crash happened in the city of Detroit in the state of Michigan. The pilot and the second crew member were able to eject in time. This was reported by The War Zone publication.

The plane crash happened when the Thunder Over Michigan air show was coming to an end. The pilots were conducting demonstration flights when the situation got out of control during one of the maneuvers.

The fighter jet fell on the parking lot of a residential complex in the town of Belleville, which is located not far from Detroit. The debris damaged several cars. None of the people were hurt.

The pilot and the second crew member fell into the water after ejecting. They survived and have no serious injuries. Both were taken to the hospital.

It is not known what exactly happened during the flight. In order to find out the causes of the plane crash, the US Federal Aviation Administration has launched an investigation.

It is worth noting that the Soviet MiG-23 belonged to the private collection of former US Navy pilot Dan Flier. He has participated in similar air shows before. However, according to mass media, incidents have happened before. For example, in July, a part of the windshield fell off a MiG-23 just during the show.

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