Russian assault groups could participate in the seizure of the US Congress building

The United States has experienced unprecedented events that have never happened before in their history. At Trump’s appeal, thousands of his supporters gathered in Washington, DC, who came to the Capitol building to disrupt the procedure for confirming Biden as the new US president. And they succeeded.

The crowd rushed to storm the building of Congress, crushed the police, and breaking down doors and windows entered the Capitol. The pogrom and riots continued for several hours. At least one person was killed. He also fell from the window and was seriously injured.

The office of the speaker of the US House of Representatives, the famous critic of Trump Nancy Pelosi, was taken over. Letters and documents were stolen from her desk.

Before the pogrom in Washington, Trump promised in his incessant tweets that he would arrange “hellish protests” for Democrats. Trump has kept his promise. As commentators note, America has never known such chaos with the seizure of the legislative body.

During the pogroms, Joe Biden called on Trump to step up and urge his supporters to end the violence. A number of US political and public figures have appealed to Vice President Pence to take advantage of the 25th amendment of the constitution and remove Trump from office, taking power into their own hands.

Against this background, a number of media outlets reported that Trump had ordered the National Guard to restore order in Washington. However, and.about. Pentagon chief Christopher Miller said that it was not Donald Trump, but US Vice President Mike Pence who ordered the involvement of the National Guard forces to suppress riots in the capital.

Meanwhile, Trump himself made a frankly provocative appeal to his supporters, in which, although words were voiced about the need to go home, in fact, the meaning was perceived in a completely different way.

In his video message, Trump urged the participants in the pogroms to disperse “in peace to their homes,” while reiterating that “the elections were stolen from us …”.

This video message was immediately deleted by Facebook. As explained by the social network, “the video contributes to the continuation of violence, and does not reduce its risk.”

In turn, a number of TV channels that broadcasted Trump’s appeal interrupted the broadcast, saying that “the president’s address contains false statements.” In other words, Trump was accused of lying and instigating disorder.

Trump tweeted, quoting: “There are events where a sacred, convincing election victory is so unceremoniously, viciously taken away from great patriots who have been mistreated and unfairly treated for so long. Go home with love and peace. Remember this day forever! ”


In response, Twitter blocked Trump’s account for 12 hours, demanding that posts that incite hatred and unrest be removed.

Former US President George W. Bush condemned the capture and pogrom at the Capitol. He stated that America’s lard is like a “banana republic”, condemned the riots in Washington and called them “heartbreaking”:

“Only the banana republics dispute the election results this way,” Bush complained.

Meanwhile, a video leaked to the network, which may become evidence that the Russians participated in the storming of the Capitol and they were the ones who led the assault groups of Trump supporters.

So, in one of the videos, at the moment when the crowd breaks down the windows to enter the building of the congress, shouts in Russian are clearly heard: “Bold, bold …!” VIDEO. It was as if the curators were pushing the stormtroopers to act more actively.

If the fact of the participation of Russian assault groups in the capture of the Capitol is confirmed, then this may become an incident-belli. However, this will only happen if Biden and his team dare to admit the fact of Russian participation in the seizure of the Congress building.

Recall that the United States did not dare to bring charges against Russia in the act of terrorism against Polish President Kaczynski (the head of the NATO country). The Obama administration has not dared to indict Moscow in connection with the Boston Marathon bombing.

The Americans got cold feet and forgot about their “red lines” in Syria when Assad and Putin massively used chemical weapons against civilians, killing thousands of people, including hundreds of children.

The United States has yet to respond to any Russian cyber attack, although its official doctrine states that any cyber invasion in the United States will be viewed by Washington as a declaration of war on America.

Even the last large-scale cyberattack on critical important state structures of the United States, the American authorities managed to present it as an “espionage operation” and not a subversive one, thereby leaving a room for maneuver and justification not to declare Russia an aggressor country.

Therefore, even if the fact of Russian participation in the storming of the Capitol is established, this will not mean that the Biden administration will undertake any decisive actions against Russia and its ruling bandit regime in the Kremlin.

Previous experience shows that the White House is unlikely to dare to officially admit the fact of Russian participation in the storming of the Capitol, since such recognition will mean that Russia has committed an act of aggression against the United States, and Washington will have to respond not with games of sanctions, but with concrete forceful actions.

Well, in conclusion. The events in Washington can be seen as Trump’s message to Putin – “Boss, I did everything I could …!”.

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